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Enlightened Enterprise Hub
Paul Barnett

Welcome to the Enlightened Enterprise Academy Hub

Supporting the Creation of Sustainable Widely Shared Prosperity

About Us

The Enlightened Enterprise Academy exists to help enterprises achieve long-term success by creating value, as contributions to sustainable widely-shared prosperity, measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing.

We support a number of research-led institutes, each offering courses, events, publications and other ways of sharing their ever-growing knowledge with a global audience.

We also founded Enlightened Enterprise Media, a multi-media publishing platform that produces publications, podcasts, video's, course materials etc. 

And we engage with global communities who can benefit from, and support, the work we do.

Why You Should Join Us

Anyone with an interest in improving the ability of enterprise to contribute to sustainable widely-shared prosperity and improve levels of human flourishing and wellbeing is welcome to join our community. 

Members of the community should benefit from the growing number of courses, publications and events we offer, and from interactions with people who share similar interests.  

A Big Thanks

Thankyou for joining the community. Your support will help us help you and others who believe in a more enlightened approach to enterprise.